Vimal Kunnath Babu

Vimal Kunnath Babu

As a seasoned digital marketer with over 10 years of experience in marketing and digital transformation, Vimal brings a proven track record of delivering results in business development, digital marketing, and marketing as a whole. With a strong background in developing and executing strategic marketing initiatives, Vimal has a deep understanding of the latest digital trends and technologies. Vimal has a demonstrated ability to lead cross-functional teams and drive growth for companies.

Notable Contributions:
Pelican Migration Consultants: As the Chief Marketing Officer, Vimal established company and product positioning and crafted compelling corporate messaging and sales presentations to clearly convey the brand value proposition. Vimal developed and executed successful go-to-market strategies by identifying core target industries and introducing tailored sales tools. Vimal enhanced customer retention through social media campaigns, reactivating dormant customers. Vimal also implemented Hubspot CRM for customer insights, targeted campaigns, and employee performance tracking. Vimal improved sales performance through collaboration with the sales team and optimization of the sales funnel. Vimal created effective customer segmentation and targeting strategies to drive engagement. Vimal executed cost-effective digital marketing campaigns, resulting in increased conversions. Notably, Vimal achieved a 50% boost in lead generation especially during COVID times through strategic branding, web design, and online campaigns. Vimal also elevated the brand visibility of Pelican Migration Consultants, positioning the company as a top-ranked immigration consultant in Dubai.

Webandcrafts: As the Head of Digital, Vimal successfully established and led a 15+ member team responsible for digital marketing, branding, corporate communications, B2B marketing, and product design from scratch. Vimal collaborated with over 30+ brands in their digital transformation journey. Vimal significantly increased website traffic for Lulu Exchange by 100% by crafting and executing a successful SEO strategy, resulting in top keyword rankings in more than 5 countries. Vimal also boosted organic social media reach for Asianet Radio with posts garnering 5.3K+ shares and 200K+ views. Vimal served as an account manager for renowned brands such as Asianet Radio, Lulu Exchange, Sanford, Bisdesk, LSI (Canadian Company), Pulmol (German Product), Magnima (US Product), among others.

Quinconx Technologies: In Vimal’s role as a budding entrepreneur, he has demonstrated a strong track record of success and achievement. Vimal generated 1 million INR in revenue within the first 12 months of starting his business, showcasing his ability to drive growth and success. Vimal has actively participated in multiple entrepreneur meetings, contributing to increased visibility and exposure for the company and establishing a strong network in the industry. Vimal has also built strategic partnerships with community partners such as media outlets, advocacy groups, and businesses, which has helped to maintain the company’s relevance and significance in a dynamic market. Vimal was honored with the prestigious “Best Student Entrepreneur Award”, recognizing his exceptional achievements and demonstrating his status as a rising star in the industry.

Skills and Expertise:
Vimal has expertise in digital transformation and implementing digital strategies that result in increased revenue, improved customer engagement, and strengthened brand presence. Vimal is skilled in developing and executing strategic marketing initiatives, customer segmentation and targeting, digital marketing channels, SEO tools (Ahref, SEMRush, etc.), WordPress, and CRM (Hubspot) implementation.

Vimal is a seasoned digital marketer with a proven track record of delivering results in marketing and digital transformation. With expertise in strategic marketing, digital strategies, and cross-functional leadership, Vimal has successfully driven growth for companies.

Topic: Digital Marketing: Trends to follow in 2023

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